A word about Facebook racists

You all know the kinds of people I am talking about. Lurking in the comment section so ready to try to argue that reverse racism is real and that it’s the confederate flag is “heritage”.

Let’s do a quick fact check, shall we?

  1. “The civil war was fought over states rights” Yeah, sure, a states rights to uphold slavery!
  2. “Slaves weren’t actually treated that badly” Ok actually what in the world is up with this. Did you ever for even a day step into a decent history class in the United States?¿ To be fair, it’s possible you haven’t considering how incredible our education system is. In case you haven’t been to a US history course, let me give you a run down. Slavery=HUGE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION. Slaves were not treated even a little bit well. They were not only completely excluded from society through the argument that they weren’t even human, but they were brutally physically assaulted on a regular basis as well as psychologically and mentally assaulted. The conditions of slavery were not livable. Not only that, but this system only ended after the CIVIL WAR and was the PRINCIPAL REASON the WAR WAS FOUGHT. Also, it wasn’t even totally ended, it just became transformed and embedded into the way, or SYSTEM, by which the government of this country operates as well as in the foundation of our society. This is called SYSTEMIC RACISM. Systemic racism occurs when a society and government is built on such a strict hierarchy of race that it heavily disadvantages those colors of people who are towards the darker (aka even the tiniest bit not white all) end of the hierarchy. This hierarchy descends from pale to dark.
  3. “Racism is over” THIS SYSTEMIC RACISM IS STILL IN PLACE. Police brutality, the wage gap (it’s race and gender based guys), the education system, the justice system, the last two combined in the school to prison pipeline, red lining, gerrymandering, voter suppression, all kinds of politics, employment, and literally our entire society and country are all examples of this racism. Read a book or an article please. Check statistics and sources and the sources of those sources. Find reliable information and educate yourself. It is your job to educate yourself and ensure that you have reliable info. I can’t even elaborate on this more right now smh.
  4. “Slave owners were Democrats”/”Republicans freed the slaves”/”The KKK was founded by Democrats” YOU DUMBASS THERE WAS A PLATFORM SWITCH WHAT EVEN?! The Republican and Democratic parties switched platforms in the early 1900s as the Democratic party began to advocate for more socially left ideals than the Republican party, though economic policies stayed relatively consistent. However, let’s have a conversation about liberal racism later. Cool.

There are so many other problematic and flat out racist things people say that are just factually incorrect and honestly make me want to slam my head through a wall. I could make a super long post about racism and slavery and how slavery IS STILL HAPPENING IN OTHER WAYS, but if I do that I would probably just slowly transform into a giant ball of rage and that’s just not productive for me because then I stop being able to use actual words and just start screaming.

However, brace yourselves for many, many more articles about race because somehow, people are still fucking stupid and racist.

Literally how is this still a problem guys, we, mostly read my fellow white people, need to do so so so much better. Educate yourselves and when an ACTUAL REAL LIVE BLACK PERSON (Gab) tells you to shut the fuck up, do it.

If you couldn’t tell this post is being fueled by one asshole specifically that Gab and I interatcted with on facebook. Gab should not have had to state their major in an attempt to be taken seriously by this dude and the whole thing made me rage shake so here you go. I mean seriously the dude tried to tell us that the FACTS we were quoting were opinions and that his racist gibberish about how slavery wasn’t that bad (dick shit also has confederate flag shit on his page) was just his opinion that he is entitled to. Apparently “they needed to be strong and healthy” so obviously they weren’t mistreated. It’s not like the abuse started when the slaves were children in order to get them to do the work, leading to the development of muscles and strength because otherwise you would die.

I mean guys, “Some don’t know this but the first slave owner in America was Black!!!! And another myth is that people went and kidnapped the Africans. No. They were sold by their own race of people to the americans” which obviously totally justifies slavery because black people sold other black people so white people, totally not responsible.

I’m being sarcastic, this dude was an idiot and these are direct quotes from him, Gab has screenshots.

Let me unpack that last quote. First, where are the sources for this information because I seriously doubt the accuracy of the first statement. Second, there are so many DIFFERENT CULTURES and DIFFERENT GROUPS of people with DIFFERENT LANGUAGES in Africa. Americans and other colonizing/imperialist white Europeans would go to the coast of Africa, threaten to kill everyone, and then force people to go kidnap other Africans under penalty of death or being themselves captured OR Africans would enslave members of other groups because they were racist against those other groups so, yes kind of the African people sold each other out. However, it was under penalty of death or also racist and the people doing the snatching would only ever take people from different groups so, for them, aka the reality of it, is that they did not sell out their own. They sold out people who were not at all tied to them because guess what, being the same color doesn’t mean you are the same. Like there is a difference between French and Italian, both groups of largely white people, there is also a difference between all of the countless groups of people in Africa, despite the fact that you racist assholes think all black people in Africa are the same and refer to Africa as a country, not a continent.

Seriously this dude tried to say he was “explaining the truth” but he was just straight up wrong.

Check my sources bitches, try to come at me because guess the fuck what,



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