meet the writers

Elena Storelli is a Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies major at Appalachian State University and hopes to get a degree in queer theory in the future. She is interested in music, photography, reading, cooking Italian food, queer shit, activism, and ranting to everyone about how human exceptionalism is bullshit. Elena also works as a copy editor and apologizes for when her writing sounds like a thesis paper. Considering that she spends all her time reading academic papers about the same topics she writes about, go ahead and ask for the receipts, she dares you. Elena plans to dedicate her education and life to the pursuit of justice for the marginalized because this shit is basic.

Gabby Timbrook is a Sociology major at Appalachian State University. Their interests include music, Marxism, social justice, activism, reading, starting shit on social media, and slam poetry. Their spoken word and written poetry has been published in Appalachian’s own student-run literary and arts review called The Peel. You can also catch them on the parkway acting like a clown or at a show looking like even more of a clown. In all seriousness, Gab hopes to continue integrating aspects of social justice into everything thing they do whether it’s direct action, in their classes, through their poetry, or writing this blog! They really care about the liberation of marginalized groups and they should, considering they’re black and queer.

Leafy Leftists is the name we use to show we co-wrote something so go check out our about page to hear more about us!