hey y’all!

welcome to our space. our humbled adobe. our wordpress platform.

a very good place indeed!

our names are gab and elena. we attend appalachian state university in boone, nc, where elena resides and where gab soon hopes to find a mountainy home. we are two best buds with birthdays exactly one month and five days apart, (the former always being that exact amount of time earlier than the latter in everything they do, as well), who have a lot in common! that’s part of the reason we’re friends, right?

in fact, we’re so passionate about some of our commonalities, that it led us to the creation of this blog leafy leftistsso what is leafy leftists all about?

first, let’s talk about what we, gab and elena, actually have in common, things that fired us up enough to want to write about them publicly. it should be stated that we both are queer stoner leftists (gab currently identifies as a marxist-leninist, y’all, we don’t play). we care about the liberation of all oppressed groups, across all dimensions of race, class, gender, and ability. this being said, if a post is made and one of us says something problematic, we encourage our readers to CALL US OUT! both of us come from very different experiences and have very different identities, so there can be checks, but having an infinite amount of other people is always great.

we write about topics such as race, gender, sexuality, politics, philosophy, and current events. pretty much anything under the sun (or anything that pisses us off). however, of course from time to time there will be triggering content, and we will use trigger warnings to let our readers know in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. by this, i mean there will be articles about mental health, including discussions about suicide, self harm, sexual assault, r*pe, and other various forms of trauma. we love you all and, again, we will do everything to make sure you are all good to go!

we also write about things in our daily lives we both love! we both are interested in literature, and music. we both love metal (elena is infamous for her goofy ass headbang)! gab is a recovering goth kid and depeche mode enthusiast. our gang of friends loves to go on the lovely blue ridge parkway and take obligatory sunset pictures! a love of the earth is another important subject, as boone is the hq of leafy leftists.

if you are here for social change and aren’t for social injustice, then you’re in the right place, pal!


gab and elena